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Lewdle Game

Play Lewdle online and for free. If you liked guessing words in Wordle, then you should definitely like the adult version - Lewdle. The vocabulary of our game consists exclusively of bad English words. Swear on the Internet and do not offend anyone.

How to play Lewdle?


First you need to enter any English word of 5 letters in the first line.


Press Enter and the letters will change color. These colors tell you information about the hidden word.


Green color - the letter is where it is needed. Yellow color - the letter is correct but not in its place. Gray - there is no such letter.


Continue to enter words and with the help of the collected clues, find out the hidden word.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lewdle?

Lewdle is Wordle but with lewd words. In principle, this is all you need to know about this game. We guess abusive words and do not show this game to minors.

What are the rules of the Lewdle game?

The rules are also quite similar to the rules of the word game Wordle. You can use any words to guess, but only curses and obscenities will be guessed. 6 attempts, green, yellow and gray tips.

What words are in your dictionary?

We would not want to list these words here, in case children are reading us, and they should not know such words. We can say that all words consist of 5 letters, and yes, we have enough rude words for any occasion in life.

What if the word is not in the dictionary?

Of course, we tried to add all possible words and used the most voluminous dictionaries, but anything can happen. Just email us at and we'll consider adding your word to the game.

What to do if a non-existent word was guessed?

This is of course really weird. It is very likely that you just do not know the swear word - after all, there are more bad words than you might think. But if you are still sure that this word does not exist - also write to us by mail and maybe we will delete it.